As I promised, I am here to give you some tips to facilitate the preparation of your classic journey day.

The very first of all: If you don’t have to pack, don´t pack. 😉

A useful hint would be having the proper game plan: your check list

  • Toilet bag: body milk, face cream, shampoo, shower gel, cologne, toothbrush, tooth past, rubber bands…
  • Casual clothing
  • Going out clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (scarfs, jewellery, gloves, bag…)
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Pijama (I always forget it)
  • Slippers
  • Gadgets (Pc, Mp3, battery charges, camera…)
  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Diary

(If you travel frequently have a toilet bag always ready)

During your “free time”, try to take down things in the check list you don’t want forget.

Second, print your boarding pass at home although you are going to check luggage (you waste ink but also save time with queues and machines that never work when you need them). Therefore, book your seat as close to the front door as you can. It is the quickest way to disembark first.

Third, calculate your way to the airport, train station… So, book a cab, fill your car tank the day before, get your train/bus tickets on line and check their schedule.

Fourth, apply to the frequent traveler fidelity cards from your preferred companies. You can get points flying, shopping, being guest at hotels… and then you can change them for (part of) tickets, get fast track or lounge access, etc.

Fifth, when going to the security control avoid the typical confuse and scared people that fly ones every five years, get away from families travelling with children (in some airport there is a special queue but in other not), big groups and follow business ones (they do it almost every day)

Sixth, check in liquids or bring them ready in aplastic bag in your hand bag and always handy. Like wise with your lap top.

Seventh, try to travel with the least amount of rings, bracelets, scarfs and jumps. Put all together when you remove them in orderdon’t lose any. Place small items in your jacket pocket to ensure you don´t forget them in the tray.

Eighth, start getting ready during queuing.

Ninth, try traveling with flat shoes. Probably you won’t have to take them off.

Tenth, once crossed security door take your belongings to the proper table and put on them.

Safe & Sound trip!

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