We were there!  Just a month after its opening. I have to confess I am a Pepe Caldas fan 🙂

We discovered Taberna Puerto Lagasca at the same time Pepe started with this project, a week day of the winter 2008/2009. Since then, we have had lunch and dinner at least a hundred times. We enjoy its market kitchen, friendly waiters and the always there Pepe’s attention. And then, when Pablo flew from London and I finished my internships in Madrid, they always waited for us for our late midnight dinner.

After that, he recommended us good restaurants for our trip to the  US during our honey moon, as The Bazaar in L.A. NO doubt, it is a must in the star system city.

So that’s why we were looking forward to trying this new restaurant since we heard about it!

Taberna Los Gallos is a three floors and lower ground floor house with five different zones in Puigcerdá St. (Madrid). It has a terrace in the entrance and in the roof (incredible during winter and, of course, it will be fabulous during summer). High and low tables all around the restaurant, modern and elegant but informal decoration, a lift that goes through the kitchen, “La bodega” for private (or not) dinners, perfectly presented drinks, etc. make a “simple Spanish” menu very very especial.

P. S: Los Gallos are ten!

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