I am not a specialist in this kind of cuisine, but from time to time we have tried some of them. I don’t know anything about technics and recipes, I just follow my taste, the atmosphere, the place…

In order of preference:


I liked the place: in a crowded area, but hidden; a modern and luxury Chinese restaurant; the venue is amazing, in this restaurant you can breathe joviality, elegance, sophistication all of at the same time. I really enjoyed the date. Those were new tastes for me and, I think, a new version of the traditional recipes.  I still don’t know how to differentiate between the few dishes just by reading the menu but I remember it was delightful.


A Michelin star restaurant specialised in dim sum. The more I try it the more I like this type of food. Famous because of its desserts and a large tea menu. Situated in Soho, you can find trendy and formal people seated in this beautiful Chinese restaurant, just maybe a bit short of space between tables.


Japanese design cuisine, for me a bit overestimated. I am starting to enjoy this kind of dishes little by little, so I can’t tell great things about them. But our friends found the dinner (food and drinks) really good, matching the level of their expectations. Futurist decoration and a bit of a noisy place.

China Tang at The Dorchester

I was expecting much more out of this restaurant.  A Chinese restaurant inside a classic hotel seems not to be the best combination. An exclusive and impressive environment with out a superb menu. The spot pretends to be more than what it actually is. Adapt or die.

Buen fin de semana!

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