Yes, the most important person in a wedding is the bride. But, probably, she doesn’t have any doubt about what she is wearing in this (her) day. But, every time I have a wedding I ask the same question: it is appropriated or isn’t? So, I am going to explain briefly some points to bear in mind when you are invited to this kind of ceremonies.

Day weddings

  • Opt for suit short (skirt or trousers and blazer) or cocktail (one piece). The subject of the measures below or above the knees is really quite disputed. In the end, the decision taken depends on what suits better us. But we will avoid miniskirts.
  • Mornings clothes tend to be more prints and colorful than during night ceremonies.
  • But always quality fabrics: crepe, linen, wool, etc.
  • Use coats, shawls or scarves to cover backs and low backs and necklines.
  • Bags: medium or small size.


Night wedding

– Change short dress for cocktail or long dress (maxim ladies etiquete).

– With high quality fabrics, studded and sequinned dresses. Yes, now you can bright more and enlarge low backs and necklines.

– Headdresses.

– Elegant globes in night events.

– Carey, stunned or metal clutches.


More tips

– Shoes are taking more importance nowadays, which is because models (heels, wedges, sandals, mules…) and situations. Keep in mind they are in good condition, they are not overly exaggerated, coordinate with the rest of the clothing and… that you can wear them, if it is possible, all the wedding. Solmates, sprays, silicone insoles… help to return home as you went 😉

– Jewellery always improves looks (but remember: less is more).

– Tights must be used, unless weather conditions make this impossible.

– I recommend avoid white and black dresses.

– Don’t abuse with make up

…But the best dress is your smile! 😉


I am starting my wedding season in two days!

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