It happens more frequently than really needed. And maybe you haven’t realized it. But I have seen it recently in different occasions. The fact of toasting “alone”.

It is when hosts toast with their guests but “without them”. I mean, I don’t know why, probably because of ignorance or because the event organizers want to spoil their clients, the hosts, (not matter what kind: just married, birthday or just whoever invites) doing a toast first of all, but with no one though. 

If you think about it, I am sure you have seen it. A just married couple toasting when they have just arrived to the venue but the guests don’t have any drink at all yet. An organizer who runs quickly with two glasses and a bottle of champagne, cave or any another regional liquor towards the hosts in order to make a toast with them… NO!!!

Similar things happen when you are waiting until your companion at table are served and it is at this point when you start, or you should start eating. Therefore, a toast must be done when your guests can do it at the same time, and more importantly because they have a drink as well.

3 steps for a successful toast: 

1.- Greeting/welcoming your guests.

2.- Making a brief introduction around the purpose of the event.

3.- Toasting for any good intention.

(and how my mum always says: “Look at eyes”)

And remember, Protocol is not a law. It is a way in order to facilitate different acts, events, meetings… and have a similar and respectful behavior with each other. It is just a law when Protocol works with precedences, flags,  hymns, etc. because these are ruled within legal documents (e.g. Constitution). So in summary, the above mentioned it is not an obligation, but in fact a cordial gesture with other. 😉


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